Santa Barbara Experience Unlimited

Santa Barbara Experience Unlimited (SBEU) is an organization of professionals
sponsored by the California Employment Development Department. Many
motivated and highly qualified individuals are networking through this group to
find new employment opportunities. SBEU is also designed to help businesses
network with qualified Experience Unlimited Members

A wide range of professional, technical, and managerial job seekers participate in this voluntary networking group to lend one another employment search assistance and direction. Experience Unlimited participation is self-directed under the general guidance of an EDD facilitator.   

Members represent a wide range of professional fields such as:

- Accounting
- Administrative
- Education and Training
- Engineering
- Executive Management
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Information Technology
- Legal
- Management
- Manufacturing Operations
- Media Arts
- Medical and Health services
- Multi-media Technology
- Non-profits
- Sales and Marketing
- Social Service  
- Science and Research
- Software Development
- Telecommunications
- And more

All SBEU members must be qualified to join the professional club with a College degree or  professional certification being a requirement.

There are no fees involved for the employer or the prospective employee.